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Scientific American

Promiscuous men, chaste women and other gender myths (with Cordelia Fine)

Pursuit (University of Melbourne)

Genes don’t always dictate that ‘boys will be boys’

The Conversation

Curious Kids: Why do humans not have fur like chimpanzees and gorillas?

Maternal instinct and biology: evolution ensures we want sex not babies

What are the attributes needed to be a successful sporting leader?

Contagious yawns show social ties in humans and bonobos

Male desire for young women doesn't drive menopause

Fossil suggests giant ancient camels roamed Canada’s Arctic north

Aggression, danger, love, taste: what red does to your head

Shave tight? Don’t let the bed bugs bite

Peer Review: Sex, Genes & Rock 'n' Roll

Sex: why do we bother?


Ant antennae key to sorting friend from foe

Ant communication confused by perfume

TV and Radio

SBS television - Insight 'Child Free' August 18, 2015, read more here

ABC Radio National - Body Hair: follicular follies, January 20, 2013


Chemical Communication in Insects recorded seminar, La Trobe University

Something in the air: Chemical communication via pheromones Up Close, University of Melbourne

A Science Story – The House of Darwin Life Science, Lateral Magazine


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Massive Open Access Online Courses

Animal Behaviour (Coursera) - co-taught with Prof Raoul Mulder (Melbourne)